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Top 10 Gay Webtoon Comics That We Need to Talk About

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Webtoon comic collage

You know, I once underestimated webcomics. And then I discovered Webtoon like six months ago. And, OH, was I proven so, so, so, so, so wrong!

These Webtoons are gold. Like pure gold. Gold with a little shredded diamond sprinkled on top. Some are perfect binges. Some will have you checking every day for new episodes. Some will have you laughing, others crying, others a back-and-forth between the two. Especially in the days of Miss. Corona, these easy-breezy, usually light-hearted reads just hit so right.

But I’m here today, specifically, to talk to you about the best gay comics on Webtoon right now, because I'm queer as f*** and don’t you forget it.

So, here are the Top 10 Gay Webtoon Comics (plus some more that are also obsession-worthy). Slight spoilers ahead.

The reader, binging a whole comic in a day.
The Four of Them Cover

The only reason this isn’t higher on the list is that the main character you follow isn’t gay, so that’s a dock in points on this list specifically. BUT, this slice-of-life comic is amazing. Imagine you’re a boy who really loves a girl, and then that girl starts dating your sister. OUCH!

However, my favorite character in this is Gaby, the protagonist’s best friend. He’s a really interesting story you don’t tend to see (an openly gay kid discovering he’s bi…or something, who knows, the story’s still going). He’s got an extremely complex set of emotional stakes which makes me want to keep seeing where he’s going to end up. Plus, his friendship with the main character is the shining example of a healthy, non-hyper-masculine male friendship. All the other characters are incredible too—just Gaby has my heart.

Jay & Jae Cover

A true slice-of-life comic with short updates that show off the truth behind being a gay couple. Sometimes it makes you blush, sometimes it makes you burn up with spice, but it’s consistently entertaining.

The relatability of these characters will stand out right away—they’re kind of quirky, but kind of alluring, kind of romantic, but always in that light-hearted kind of way. This comic is living proof that third-wheeling a relationship can actually be pretty awesome, with all of the hilarious, adorable, and sometimes NSFW things they get up to.

Ghost story, meets gay love story. Imagine the typical rival-turns-lover narrative, but first the rival gets hit by a car and trapped in a coma. To get his body back, he’s got to work with the campus nerd, the only person who can see ghosts, but also the only person who really hates him. And somehow, it’s all adorable.

It may be the simplistic art style or the fast-past story arc, but something about this webcomic just brings so much charm. As of publishing this, the main characters haven’t even talked much about their feelings, but the tension is so prevalent it really brings you in and has you hooked straight away.

While much shorter of a story compared to the other comics on this list, this one packs a punch. There’s Carter who, like a lot of high school gay kids, is just really horny. Then there’s Adrian, the little cinnamon roll, who wants love. The narrative plays out a bit expectedly for a high school drama, but its art style is so beautiful and bright, and the characters have such good chemistry and depth that it will still have you slamming that “next episode” button to find out what’s gonna happen.

Plus, watching Carter actually develop feelings while Adrian slips into being a jerk is classic good writing. The characters remain in these polar-opposite places for so long throughout the story that when they finally figure out what they both want, it’s like BAM—magic.

Love some historical fiction? Whether your answer is yes or no, you have to read this one. It’s gay, it’s got magic, it’s gay, it’s got beautifully detailed artwork, it’s gay, the historical element is such a refreshing backdrop, and it’s SUPER gay.

The romance between the astronomer’s apprentice and the necromancer is the main focus, but there’s also a mystery beginning to develop involving a couple of dead bodies, an evil monster, and some magical powers at the center of it all. I guess you could say there’s something for everyone. Also, who could say no to cute dates like a carriage ride, or star-gazing? With these two romantics, that’s practically their whole gig.

Don’t you love a man who drives a tractor? So does this Instagram-obsessed city man who moves out into the who-knows-where country-side. Of course, his new neighbor is a shy bisexual. Of course, this neighbor also has a daughter, sparking immediate family instincts. Of course, they end up falling in love.

Really, this story does an amazing job of showing what it’s like being queer in a small, small, small, small town out in the middle of nowhere. Plus, the trans rep is just *chef's kiss* so well done. It’s also a beautiful love story you can binge right now from start to finish.

Alright, back to high school. You know I always simultaneously roll my eyes at the stereotypical gay YA love story while eating up every bit of it. Here’s another example, but it’s just SO WELL DONE.

This feel-good high school romance will have you cheering on Nick and Charlie every step of their blossoming relationship. You may have even noticed that this comic was so good, it literally ended up publishing into actual physical copies that are quite popular—not that that has anything really to do with how good a comic it, since plenty of other on this list could easily have been a printed book. But, just know the mainstream success is well-deserved.

So, think Finding Nemo, but gayer.

Just kidding (kind of). Under the sea, there are a bunch of fishy kingdoms, all with prophecies that need “the Beacon” to make them come true. And the Beacon’s a little twinky fish named Kappa. Who knew something could be so scaley, yet so adorable?

Okay, yes, it’s a strange concept, but the characters are all so cute and endearing that it works so well. Kappa and the shark prince are destined for tragedy, but through so much well-paced comedy, and some flirty romance, the story will have you swooning—hook, line, and sinker.

Alright, this one’s special. Actually, it’s freaking magical—literally. Take a gay-boy love triangle, then cast a spell on it by making the center of that triangle a witch. There’s a certain charm to this coming-of-age-as-a-witch-boy story, mixing loveable characters, a well-paced plot, and a cartoonish art style that makes you want to smile.

I especially love the flaws of these characters, contributing to their believability that these are teenagers just trying to grow up and figure out love, friendships, family—and the occasional fact that half of your magic is stuck inside the boy you love. #RelatableContent

Really, I can’t recommend this comic enough. It’s got the purity that makes you smile, and the occasional NSFW moment that makes you go “oh damn, go off, sis.” The magic element is so elegantly woven in, not taking over the core story but adding a welcomed balm to the classic coming-of-age adventure.

When thinking of this list, there was no question as to what comic would take the top spot. This slice-of-life series is just a smile delivered straight to Webtoon three times a week—and especially now, it’s so welcome.

Following boyfriends, Robin and Julien, each episode is a stand-alone peek into their domestic gay life. It’s like hanging out with your best friends—and with so many episodes to binge through, you’ll claim the title of “third wheel” with honor and pride. Because these are the kind of genuine characters you just can’t get enough of. It’s queer life, but the author always lets the life part shine through first and foremost. But, rest assured, it’s still really, really, very, extremely gay all the time.

This is where your #RelationshipGoals start and end. This is the new standard. And the best part of this standard is it feels possible. This relationship feels genuine. And every moment of this comic will truly have you smiling.

You, after adding all of these Webcomics to your "must-read" list.

Still want more? You’ve come to the right place.

Just choosing 10 gay Webtoon comics is honestly an impossible task. So, here’s a quick list of all the honorable mentions you definitely need to check out.

The Epic Life Adventure of Connor – No bi-erasure allowed in this new Mars coming-of-age.

Jamie – Sweet naive freshman meets skater-boy senior. You know what unfolds.

GremoryLand – If the gory, psychotic theme park wasn’t a hint, this is no romance.

#muted – Meet-cutes in a library? Say no more…literally.

Middle Child Syndrome – Having a queer younger brother is a big responsibility.

Champ – Love dogs? Love boys? This one’s for you.

Ghost Lights – A real slow burn, but the freaky story and loveable MCs will hook you.

Hearts a Mess – College meet-cutes might come and go, but this one’s worth it.

Valentine – Very, um, NSFW, but, um, good. (For the NSFW episodes, go to Tapas.)

My Gentle Giant – I. Like. Big boys. Itty-bitty boys. Yeah that’s it.

Darkness in Love – So a demon falls in love with you. No, not your ex, an actual demon.

CRUSH3D!! – Hockey’s for the gays now. Get over it.

Sunny Side Skies – Don’t we all want to hit on the hot barista? This guy actually did.

The Violinist and the Nerd – What’s better than kissing? Supporting each other’s passions.

And One Last Thing!

Remember, these fantastic artists are putting their work out there FOR FREE, so usually you don't have to pay a dime for so many incredible comics from some incredibly talented artists. However, they deserve all of the support. If you enjoy any of these comics, consider supporting the creators on Patreon or any platform they have going. Usually, they'll provide some awesome extras related to the comics, from bonus sketches to downloads to NSFW scenes. This goes a long way in not just supporting the art you love, but also the very real people behind it. And they deserve it! Thank you, comic authors!

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priyo radio
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priyo radio
priyo radio
10 de jul. de 2023

Thanks for this great post, i find it very interesting and very well thought out and put together. I look forward to reading your work in the future. qiuzziz


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