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Another Top 10 Gay Webtoon Comics That We Need to Talk About

A whole year has gone by since the first Top 10 Gay Webtoon Comics That We Need to Talk About, and since then the gays have been busy. As fast as we powerwalk through a hallway or sprint to the dance floor during a Beyoncé song, new comics have been popping up on the Webtoon app. AND, I’ve been finding more and more that we need to talk about.

So, listen, I know you’re not here to listen to my gay ramblings, you’re here to find more gay comics to read. I’ve got 10 ranked by my personal preference below. Have at ‘em. They’re really good and their authors are *chef’s kiss*.

Readers, getting sucked into these comics.
Readers, getting sucked into these comics.

If you haven’t already, check out the first post for another batch of gay Webtoons. And if your favorites aren’t here or there, leave them in the comments.

K, thanks, now to the gay stuff…

Muscular demon slayer with a whip? I’ve never wanted to be a demon so badly. And, well, that’s kind of the case with this romance-meets-action comic. A rough-and-tough bad boy needs protection against a bunch of demons after him, and his hero is a dreamy demon slayer with magical powers given to him by angels. Whatever religion this is, count me in.

College is for three things: classes, crazy drama, and coming out. When Howie finally starts living as his authentic self, he develops a crush on one of his friends, the short king Sooch. It’s a big will-they-won’t-they kind of situation…until it isn’t. Then it’s just adorable.

Never. Trust. A. Blonde. Twink.

Unless it’s this one, then honestly I still don’t trust them but Sasha is just perfect for Leo. This really is young love at its finest. There’s something magical when first crushes become first loves, and this story perfectly strikes at that feeling. You’ll swoon just as hard as Leo does.

Closet-case alert! When Piet goes to boarding school, the perfect head boy has a little (queer) secret. With boys in his past and boys in his future, this secret is bound to come out sooner or later. However, the biggest draw of this comic is the STUNNING art style that will have you falling in love with amazing lighting effects, adorable characters, and the author’s flawless sense of tone.

Enemies to lovers? Yes pwease. These two soccer players might have some beef on the field, but when one of them develops a crush, all of that beef gets sidelined. Add in a tragic backstory, a brooding love interest, and some major golden-retriever energy, and you’ve got this stupid-good story.

If I left this off the list, I’d never hear the end of it. For good reason though, because Nick and Charlie’s love story is…well…a heartstopper. It’s awkward in all the right places. It’s romantic in even more of them. And it doesn’t hold back the gut punches that put even the strongest relationships to the test. I can’t wait for the Netflix adaptation!

…and they sailed off into the sunset. <3 That’s not exactly how this story goes, because the hot sailors have romance drama all their own. Have you ever fallen in love with your brother’s childhood love? Yeah, me neither, but Haruki sure has, and it…um…doesn’t go over very well. Between competitive sailing and intense love triangles, it’ll be a while before there’s any sailing off into the sunset.

Loved it as a Canvas hit. Loving it more as a Webtoon Original. The only thing better than two adorable boyfriends is four adorable boyfriends. Boyfriends in the poly relationship of every gay’s dreams, and this pastel fever dream will easily become your go-to for slice-of-life love. Season 2 is coming soon and I can’t wait.

Who requested a himbo? Because this city prince is the man of your dreams. He might be a bit problematic in the eyes of the paparazzi, but when a "dangerous" fugitive crashes his apartment, it’s only heart-eyes and cutesy crushes. That is, until the city’s underbelly—and the law—catches up to them. This original is, quite frankly, amazing. A love story inside of an action-heavy plot, it’s everything that makes your heart race, all in one comic.

Honorable Mention: Friends and Benefits

The only reason this isn’t officially on the list is because I’m the editor of this college rom-com, so there’s a little conflict of interest there. With not one, but two love interests, it’s double the crushes, double the tension, and double the “JUST KISS ALREADY”. Whether you’re #TeamYuuki or #TeamBellamy—or #TeamJustAllDate—this story is college love affairs summed up into one wild ride.

After only the first episode, this romance shot directly to the top of my list. You know when you can’t stop staring at someone because they’re just that dang pretty? That's me reading every episode of this stunning comic. While Pas and Nil are competing in a staring contest, the tension is rising every episode until it’s boiling off the page. The obvious crush they have on each other is adorable—add some memorable side characters that only ever add to the romance of the plot, and you have this masterpiece of a young adult romance.

Me, reading all of these comics (in a loving way).
Me, reading all of these comics (in a loving way).

Encore? Well, if you insist.

Similar to last time, there are obviously WAY MORE than 10 comics to talk about. So, if the comics above just aren’t enough to satisfy your ravenous craving for gay love, here are a few more to fall head over heels for.

Soft Love – Giving real non-binary-softie energy.

Obliviously in Love – Do they love the tension, or are they just dumb?

The Right Twin – Who wouldn’t fall in love with a pink-headed himbo?

My Boyfriend is the Boogeyman!? – This corporate romance is definitely an HR complaint.

Toss of Fate – Color guard just got even gayer.

Prince & Knight – The renaissance of gay love has arrived.

Blooming Season – People are turning into flowers…but OMG that guy is so cute. <3

The Tea Club – The tea isn’t the only thing giving you the warm & fuzzies.

Long Way Up – Bad boy and goody two shoes? Just kiss already.

Wait! Before you go!

Before you go, just remember that many of these artists are putting their work out there for free, so if you can give them a dollar or two on Patreon or any other platform they utilize, please consider it! They’re the backbone of the queer comic industry, and we wouldn’t have these amazing stories without them!

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Avinash Hecker
Avinash Hecker
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I'm sad that there is no mention of High Class Homos


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Lilyana Miller
31 бер. 2023 р.

i just started to read stare down and i can't stop reading it love the art 🤣

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Avinash Hecker
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