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What's Next?

Nothing on the calendar right now.
Resting, writing, reading, playing games, living in a pandemic like everyone else. :)

Past Events

Happy book birthday to Elegy for the Undead! Celebrate with me and my friends at A Novel Idea on Passyunk with readings, chit-chat, and advice for breaking into the industry. And, yes, this is the second time I've not known I was live and rambled on about my neighbor's dog for the first thirty seconds.

One-on-one with Lanternfish Press, we get into talking about Elegy for the Undead and all the hidden meanings behind every word. Plus, what would we do in a zombie apocalypse? Hint: it involves gardening, bulk-sales stores, and a water-bottle fort.

It's always a great time with Lanternfish Press authors. In this event, I meet with fellow Fall 2020 Lanternfish debuts, T. Marie Bertineau (The Mason House) and James Chapin (Ride South Until the Sawgrass) to talk about our books, our inspirations, and more. And, yes, that is me in the beginning not realizing we're live. Whoops!

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