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Media Kit for @MatthewVesely on TikTok


Introducing Matthew Vesely

Hi, my name is Matthew Vesely! I’m an author of fiction, an editor by trade, and a lover (and recommender) of queer content. My goal is to inspire queer people of all ages through my own stories, but also by introducing them to other queer stories that have inspired me.


I started this TikTok account as something more playful during quarantine. However, I never expected what it would evolve into—a place to express my personality, promote some really awesome queer stories, and share a sense of humor I never knew I had.


Today my following knows me as a source of queer recommendations, but also a representative of the queer experience. Many people may not like the adjective of queer defining someone—queer author, queer gamer, queer person—but I embrace it. Because there’s something beautiful in being loud and proud.

My content is:

playful but never hurtful | queer but never constrained | intelligent but never arrogant

Content Buckets

Queer Recommendations

TV, movies, games, comics, and favorite things that are "so good because they are so gay!"

Author Life

The trials, tribulations, and comedic relief of an author's daily life.

The Queer Experience

All things queer, all the time.

TikTok Social Statistics

Username: @MatthewVesely



Average Video Views per Week


across all videos*

Average Comments per Week


across all videos*

Average Likes per Week


across all videos*

Average Shares per Week


across all videos*

*Individual videos will vary heavily. These are not guaranteed engagement numbers.

Follower Demographics

66% Female | 34% Male

54% United States

6% UK | 4% Canada | 3% Brazil | 3% Australia | 30% Other

Many identify within the LGBTQ+ community.

The majority fall within Gen Z.

Collaboration History


As of July, 2022:




1825 saves


37% Engagement Rate*

*Engagement rates calculation: (likes+comments+saves+shares) / views 



Thank you for considering working with me! Below I have my current pricing guides and what would be included. Payment method is flexible.

Sponsored Post

  • 1 post on TikTok, including concepting, video (30-60 seconds), caption, hashtags (will include #sponsored at the end for full transparency), CC

  • If the partner has a TikTok account, they will be tagged in both the video and the caption

  • Video provided back to partner through email (or other discussed share) with full permission to use/promote as they please


User-Generated Content

  • 1 clean video (30-60 seconds, content & concept discussed beforehand) provided to partners with full rights to use at their sole discretion

  • Best for content to be posted by the partner on their page (full permission to tag @MatthewVesely, but in no way required)


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