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Here, you'll find some Literary Magazine Publications in which I am featured...

Avant Literary Magazine

Dirt Carried in on Small Feet

A Paler Shade of Green

print feature in Avant Literary Magazine

            I've been thinking; would it be possible to recreate the Universe? If fractions prove to us we can be infinitely miniscule, can we—to some size and level—recreate the mythical enormity of time inside a box inside a lab inside a university? Except this time we paint the grass a paler shade a green. Walking outside is stressful enough, so adding the unbearable vibrancy of a lawn and the next lawn over and the next and the next (but not the next because they don't water theirs) disturbs me, burns my vision, and leaves its mark by morphing my eyes themselves green. 

            It needs to be paler. It must be paler. A subtle pastel green would suffice. That's not the end of it, though. In this neo-universe, the following would enact:

            The trees would be short, as to see over the leaves.

            The clouds would be clear, as to see through to the stars.

            The sky would be walkable, as to climb over the air.

            The color purple would be used more,

            and the people would be more complex, and easier to understand.

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